Wowables® Pledge To The Environment

WOWABLES® meet all the criteria for being an environmentally friendly product including:
  • Reusable - of course not throwing out your paper towel after each use helps the environment
  • Biodegradable - there are other reusables like Rags, Cloths, UnPaper towels, and now Bamboo - but none biodegrade like Wowables®
  • Compostable - Wowables® are not only biodegradable but for all you "DIYers", they are compostable as well
  • No Cardboard Core - Wowables® are the first rolled paper towel to be manufactured without the wasteful core
  • Our manufacturing plant also captures, cleans and reuses its own water supply
This purchase is a smart choice. It shows your support for a more sustainable environment and your interest in a better tomorrow.
Wowables® use natural pigmentation dyes and the process to color the fabric is a proprietary process that allows maximum color saturation, all certified to meet international Oeko-Tex Standard 100, no harmful ingredients added.
In the USA alone, our abuse of regular paper towels contributes 3,000 Tons of Waste Daily! - That’s about the weight of 3000 economy cars.
WOWABLES® are made of 70% Wood Pulp and 30% Unbleached non-GMO Cotton, they do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances -unlike Microfiber & Bamboo which both contain synthetics and are not biodegradable as well as regular paper towels,  which are bleached white leading to toxins leaking into our landfills  - our inks are all natural, and like our wood/cotton materials, WOWABLES® meet the stringent Oeko-Tex® Standard.


Naturally Biodegradeable, WOWABLES® Just DISAPPEAR!

Paper towels are killing our landfills 
Unlike Big Paper Towel, WOWABLES® has NO CARDBOARD CORE,
saving more trees & reducing environmental waste
So, let's take a closer look at your other options:
Rags, Cloths, and UnPaper Towels are reusable and that is "good" but they are very inconvenient (as discussed in another section).  But once thrown away, they do not biodegrade and that's TERRIBLE for the environment, so when thrown away they rot in landfills.
If you use newer, disposable "non-bleached" paper towels it's still not eco-friendly as they are still disposable!
If you use "bamboo paper towels" with the belief that they are good for the environment - think again - they do not biodegrade.  They also rot in landfills.
Wowables® are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable - a completely eco-friendly solution.
Wowables® is committed to our global forests.  Lola Products, the maker of Wowables®, donates a portion of Wowables®' sales to support FSC's mission to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.  FSC certification ensures that forests are responsibly managed and protected for future generations.


Sustainability through innovation in the manufacturing process   

Lola Products, distributor of Wowables®, is dedicated to continual innovation in order to play our part in providing upcoming generations an improved eco-system. Our manufacturing facilities are consistently improving the technologies utilized in the manufacturing processes, all leading to critical environmental protections.

This manufacturing style has integrated environmental, recycling and waste management aspects that cover the entire process. For example, production spoilage is gathered and recycled immediately. Such as with “regeneration baths” which are fed back into the production process via an evaporation stage. We recycle wastewater in a state-of-the-art biological treatment plant.

Through examples such as these and others, we have raised our energy efficiency and productivity all while simultaneously conserving natural resources. We also continually work to conserve energy. Our unique processes do away with a few production layers which, in turn, reduces our energy requirements.

Our facilities environmental strategy is widely regarded as a model for future innovation that will take us well into the 21st Century, making our process a benchmark for sustainability.