WOWABLES® are the first alternative to disposable paper towels to have "convenient reusability."  What do we mean by that?

Other alternatives, such as rags, cloths, and new "UnPaper" towels are VERY inconvenient - you need to clean them with soap AND water after each wipe.  That's NOT convenient.  But with WOWABLES®, you simply wipe up any spill, rinse off with just water, everything picked up while cleaning is quickly released and it's ready to go immediately.  That's what we call "convenient reusability."

Paper towels were invented back in 1931 by the largest paper company at the time for one reason - TO MAKE MONEY! And that's fine - it's America after all.  "Big Paper" knew America would love the "convenience" of disposable paper towels. The question is, did they know what the environmental impact would be? Did they know that in 2020 there would be 3,000 tons of toxic, bleached-white paper towels ending up in landfills at a clip of 3,000 tons per day?

One thing we do know is "Big Paper" knew that by being disposable, the revenues would be large. As a matter of fact, American's spend $6 Billion per year on this one-time use product. WOWABLES® doesn't begrudge a company innovating and making money, but at some point, as the statistics got grim, "Big Paper" could have easily made a "reusable" version, giving people a choice.  All these years later "Big Paper" continues to only manufacture one-time use, flimsy paper towels that are terrible for the environment.

Big Paper does not want WOWABLES® on the market.  It will cut into their revenue - bottom line.

WOWABLES® - Your Family's and Nature's BEST FRIEND in cleaning!