WOWABLES® Save You Money - See How!

WOWABLES® have "affordable convenience." What do we mean by that?

Convenience usually comes at a cost, right? When are things easier and cheaper, especially in the long run?

America LOVES convenience and one-time use paper towels are "convenient" - heck you just throw them away once your done.  However, once a customer learns the truth, they realize we pay a price for this convenience.  We've been lulled into believing they are also affordable.  "For only $2, you get 50 sheets on a roll". But...there is a catch.  The average American household of paper towel users spend nearly $200 per year on disposable paper towels and many families spend up to or over $400 per year.  So, are they REALLY a bargain? No..not at all!



WOWABLES® save Americans lots of money

One 30 count roll costs $19.99 plus shipping and handling.  This roll can easily last 30 months (one sheet per month). If the average family spends $200/year on disposables (other families up to or over $400/year), when extrapolated over 30 months, the savings come out to nearly $500 (or near $1,000). That's a big deal!

And over a lifetime the average family of paper towel users spend up to $15,000 (with some much more), that savings can add up to nearly $14,000 and much more.


*Keep in mind the average family of paper towel users purchases approximately 2 rolls per week - with many purchasing much more