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WOWABLES® are a HIGHLY ENGINEERED product. The inside structure of WOWABLES® is very similar to that of a natural Sea Sponge: the holes (caves) in between the fibers soak up the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell. This prevents the water from sloshing right back out of WOWABLES®. Instead, the water is trapped inside until the WOWABLES® is forcibly squeezed. Once squeezed the inner holes (caves) are empty and ready to absorb and hold again.

WOWABLES® are made from 70% Wood Pulp & 30% Non-GMO Cotton. We only use safe, all-natural inks, making WOWABLES® 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • Up to 4x more absorbent than one-time use disposable paper towels - 3rd Party Tested
  • Up to 5x more durable than one-time use disposable paper towels - 3rd Party Tested
  • 2x stronger than bamboo "paper towels"

Check out this amazing absorption test on QVC:


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